What does New ERA bring to us and why should we care?

We are entering into New ERA 

As we all know that the COVID-19 pandemic is shaping our lives in a new way wherein the way we shop, work, communicate, travel, and more. There is no doubt that some of our new habits will probably stick permanently even after the pandemic is over.

The mobile phone and internet have become a necessity for human beings for pushing through a whole set of new behaviours like paying bills, online shopping, online gaming, GPS navigation, etc.

New buying behaviours in this new normal 

The outbreak has pushed consumers out of their normal routines. Consumers are adopting new habits and behaviours which will resume in the long term. Day-to-day activity such as in-store shopping has likely been transformed into online commerce.

Nowadays, various kinds of digital platforms, especially e-commerce platforms, are playing a major role in connecting with the consumers, where brands are also able to jump on the bandwagon to create a buzz in the market.

People are demanding a more safe and flexible way of shopping due to health and as online buying continues to grow, businesses should be thinking continuously to stay ahead of the market trends and listen to consumers’ voices.

The consulting and accounting firm’s June 2021 Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey reports “a strong shift to online shopping as people were first confined by lockdowns, and then many continued to work from home. Other trends in this shift towards digital consumption include online shoppers being keen to find the best price, choosing more healthy options, and being eco-friendlier by shopping locally where possible.”

Sticking into Work from Home culture 

Coming to the Work-from-Home pattern, it’s unlike the traditional way of working at the office and this kind of working pattern has limitations and has had few impacts on both employers and employees.

Many companies have adopted a flexible work culture for their staff, such as working from home to minimize the spread of diseases and also cutting down on the company’s operational expenses. While the COVID-19 crisis was striking down the people and businesses around the world, most people were trying to stay fit in this situation by starting work from home which grew rapidly as well as digital businesses.

However, there may be some side effects of WFH that have emerged, like people lacking face-to-face communication with colleagues and when it comes to solving the problems, it cannot be done quickly through an online virtual way. This leads to increase stress and anxiety and is harmful to people’s mental health.

But still, 7 out of 10 people remark on WFH culture as a more productive way of working due to fewer distractions and having more space for them to think critically and perform better. Therefore, “More people are choosing to work from home because they want to, even if their office is open and they’re less concerned about Covid risks”, according to new findings from Pew Research Center.


The next step 

We have seen the new era bringing us the new normal to life, and we have been experiencing a shift in consumer behaviour, the workplace, and the way people communicate across the world. We shouldn’t miss the chance to explore the new innovative methods to communicate to our audience and win their hearts. Have you found your strategy yet

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