The Role of AI in Advertising

  Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming the way we work in this day and age. From automated manufacturing processes to automated analysis tools, AI has become increasingly efficient, and intelligent. It’s an everyday basic tool. Throughout the years’ AI is becoming more and more complex and able to carry out different tasks other than mass […]

Performance Marketing – The Next Big Thing In The Business Industry

From sales and leads to clicks, views, and impressions, the world has changed a lot. Performance Marketing further added a fascinating twist to how we market products and services. Let’s dig further into what performance means and how it will blow up in the coming years.  Performance Marketing is a result-driven marketing technique that brings […]

Why limit the horizons of your marketing strategy to only TV ads?

An advertisement can be many things, creative, new, affordable, exciting but is that really it? What value does an advertisement earn where there is no relevant audience? Every company is looking for an ideal marketing mix to yield the highest possible returns and sales on their ads and marketing investments. So what are the odds […]

Gender Equality at work is broader than we think

Hey! Maybe you’re reading this while enjoying a cup of coffee in your office or unwinding at home. However, this is not the case everywhere in the world.   Today, we’ll show you a different side of the world that exist in practice and not just in words. Where doing household tasks and generating money […]

What does New ERA bring to us and why should we care?

We are entering into New ERA  As we all know that the COVID-19 pandemic is shaping our lives in a new way wherein the way we shop, work, communicate, travel, and more. There is no doubt that some of our new habits will probably stick permanently even after the pandemic is over. The mobile phone […]

What is NFT & how is it transforming the world of digital?

What is NFT & how is it transforming the world of digital? You may have heard of people selling very common things for millions of dollars on the Blockchain. For example, the GIF files sold for 600,000 dollars. Crazy, right? That’s what has become very popular lately on Blockchain, called NFT. Social media was filled […]