The Role of AI in Advertising


Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming the way we work in this day and age. From automated manufacturing processes to automated analysis tools, AI has become increasingly efficient, and intelligent. It’s an everyday basic tool.

Throughout the years’ AI is becoming more and more complex and able to carry out different tasks other than mass production. You can analyse all of your business procedures, marketing processes, or operations using AI. AI-based technologies heavily influence both our personal and professional lives, like Alexa, chatbots, or the recommendation tools on Netflix, Youtube, and Spotify. AI is penetrating our lives partially or as a full from working/ professional fields to daily life/ entertainment. 


How AI is becoming different from older technologies in Advertising

Let’s discuss two sectors relating to Advertising & AI, from a “Data” perspective and a “Creator” perspective.


Data perspective:  As aligned with the fundamental features of AI, it can analyze massive amounts of data in a matter of seconds. As data is becoming a perceptibly important resource, AI can help you process more data and can make predictions and recommendations for your further Advertising campaigns. 

You need not work manually for all of the data from different platforms using different methods at this rate. Feed the data to AI, let it process, give instructions on your requirement and wait for the miracle. Advertising-related Applications/ Software with well-trained built-in AI can save you a lot of resources and can perform accurately what normal humans & manual software cannot ever dream of. If you are an Analysis, Please Don’t be afraid. Just try to learn what you can utilize and how you can adapt to AI-based tools.


Creator perspective:  Ever heard of mid journey, Dall-E, or NotionAI? You are welcome to the next generation of so-called Creators. As a creator, your job is to create the materials for the advertising by conceptualising, brainstorming, researching, and implementing the step-by-step processes. Each step requires a massive amount of time and a lot of resources to consume. With the help of well-trained & well-structured AI,  you can perform the tenth of steps with AI, let AI conceptualise your writings, prompt you to create an idea for your graphical, and take a reference and learn how AI conceptualises it. These tools are helping people to execute resources more efficiently & quickly within a short time. So People can focus more on thinking & strategic approaches, and let creation flow on AI. Think. Think. Think & utilize AI efficiently to become the next generation of Creators.


Famous AI Tools for Advertisers

Hundreds of tools are blooming in the present time but here are the famous tools that are familiar to everyone with simple usage and no complexity in execution.

  1. for generating ads creatives & post creatives within a matter of seconds
  2. Midjourney- a well-known graphic-generating tool with millions of subscribers & users
  3. Dall-E-  graphical-generating tool powered by OpenAI (founder of ChatGPT)
  4. ChatGPT- an intelligence chatbot that is trained to follow instructions in a prompt and provide a detailed response.


Pros & Cons

These tools are good in some ways but there is also another side of the story. Too much utilization of these tools can make you dependent on those platforms, you can’t live without them and your thoughts are limited. Utilize the tools in a most effective & subtle way, that won’t hurt your progress & thoughts. Don’t let AI replace your work. Try to make it work for you.


Final Thoughts

AI is Slowly developing to be an essential part of one’s life the way search engines have become an integral part of our lives. It’s a harsh truth that technology has always replaced Manpower and turned manual workspace to Automated one with help of new technologies. AI is one of the by-products of new age technology which changes and minimizes the time frame of an individual work into seconds. 

But if we look closely, to function an AI Tool we require a human perspective and thinking capacity to create what we desire. As you can see, without a Human Prompt AI is Non-functional, the exact way a search engine works. So all we need is to adapt to the new gen technologies, use it efficiently and Move ahead with new trends to survive in the market, as this will help to connect today’s audience when it comes to Branding & Advertising. Technology would never over power you, unless and until you completely understand, adapt and use it responsibly.

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